Electronic Data Manager (EDM) masthead

Battlefield situational awareness and mission planning unite in a digital kneeboard form with the Electronic Data Manager (EDM).

With reliability that’s been proven in theater, Raytheon’s Electronic Data Manager is a timely, cost-effective solution for currently fielded platforms to achieve fully integrated situational awareness and network connectivity.

The lightweight EDM provides situational awareness of the operating theater in the form of moving maps with Global Positioning System location, checklists, landing zone diagrams, manuals, charts and electronic notes. The use of standard mission planning products, such as the Aviation Mission Planning System, the Portable Flight Planning Software and the FalconView™ mapping system, allows ease of use for that critical part of a mission.

Operational features of the small, rugged EDM include connectivity to a variety of networks, including blue force tracking, digital close air support, and national tactical networks, via standard radio gear. Its improved screen is both readable in bright sunlight conditions and compatible with the aviator’s night vision imaging system and the night vision goggle system.

With tailored, user-friendly situational awareness products hosted on a cockpit-ready computing platform, Raytheon’s Electronic Data Manager is the affordable, effective solution to provide network connectivity for current aircraft.


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