• Fully relational, tailor-made, and validated logistics database, available in two versions: MIL-STD-1388-2B (Oracle) or DEF STAN 00-60 (meets ASD S1000D and ASD 2000M specifications)
  • Expanded table structure for custom applications
  • Microsoft® Windows® operating system — Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 2003
  • Modular design, readily adaptable to individual customer needs
  • AdHoc module for generating unique reports, expanded table update capability
  • Automated technical manual production in several formats, including HTML, SGML, IETMs
  • Exports data to the AIMSS™ authoring toolset for building interactive electronic technical manuals
  • Paperless provisioning
  • Online access to engineering drawings and test requirement documents
  • Full-file and change-only import/export capability
  • Write access for designated users
  • Context-sensitive, as well as content-sensitive, on-line help
  • Elimination of most logistics contractor data requirement lists
  • Technical order extraction capability
  • Shared information environment
  • Data Configuration Management System
  • Material Management Information System
  • Configuration Management


EAGLE is a trademark of Raytheon Company

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