Calisto Mobile Application Software
This software was designed for ease of use for an operator in a vehicle. The high resolution video dominates the screen, with large recognizable navigation buttons lining the bottom. System status, disk space and file directory indicators on the right side of the screen keep the user appraised of key parameters of his mobile video system. The software also monitors and can control telemetry parameters and more. Operators may not delete, modify or in anyway alter video data that is captured. The mobile digital video system is designed for law enforcement use, and it is designed to keep the chain of video evidence secure and tamper-proof. Other features include advanced seek-and-play features, “jump” forward or backward feature for efficient video viewing, and connection status if connected to a wireless data network.

Front View Digital Camera
Internally mounted front view digital camera which utilizes a wide dynamic range digital signaling processor ideal for nighttime recording applications and can provide up to 20X Optical zoom.

Rear View Digital Camera
The rear view digital camera is used to monitor the rear prisoner cage area within the vehicle. This camera is equipped with infrared technology for night time viewing (includes six illuminating LED’s for night vision).

In Vehicle Computer (IVC)
The IVC unit is a completely sealed, integrated mobile computing platform that houses the D1 video encoders, processors and solid state flash drives. It can be located in nearly any part of the vehicle.

Remote Sensor Module (RSM)
The Remote Sensor Module (RSM) is a computer sub-processor that incorporates eight analog to digital input sensors capable of sensing electrical voltages. The RSM also incorporates (8) dry contact relays to control external electrical devices, such as signal Led’s, remote microphones, etc.

Mobile Wireless Microphones
The system can contain up to two mobile wireless microphones that can be worn by the officers and a discreet in vehicle microphone. These can be manually activated by the officers, which create an automatic recording of video and audio to occur.