The Calisto EMS Upload Station is a secure wireless upload station that is usually located at the fleet parking location or at the precinct. This is where video data is automatically uploaded from each of the vehicles and permanently stores. There is no need to carry memory sticks, VHS tapes or DVD disks so there is no physical contact with the evidence per evidentiary requirements.

Calisto EMS Exporting Evidence
Evidentiary Media Server (EMS) files are stored in standard video compression formats. Using the easy-to-install Calisto Media Player, all of the embedded data is available as-it-happened per frame during the recording, delivering an unprecedented and unassailable means of displaying the evidence in court, or for any other purpose.

Calisto EMS Personality Manager
Personality Manager enables write-once central control of many of the system’s features and services. An authorized administrator can change many of the automatic processes performed by the entire system based on “classes of service” of each DVU-1000 system. As an example, a DUI police vehicle might be designated as a different “class” of vehicle from a traffic police vehicle. By changing operational attributes of the vehicle “class,” all of the DVU-1000 systems designated within the “vehicle” class are changed. Personality Manager streamlines administrative processes, and can instantly modify the operational attributes of an entire fleet of vehicles, without the need for an administrator to physically interrogate each individual DVU-1000 system.

Calisto EMS Video Formats
DVU-1000 systems record video and audio using standard industrial formats, such as MPEG-4 and Windows Media ASF.

The Evidentiary Media Player is free with an unlimited license to enable files to be played back while showing all of the data in easy to read windows, and a graphical map view showing the exact location of the vehicle throughout the time the recording was made. (This synchronized map view feature requires a subscription to the appropriate map graphics and must be equipped with optional GPS receiver or access to GPS coordinates.)

Calisto EMS Servers and Storage Systems or Equivalent Appliance
The Calisto EMS Evidentiary server will employ a Microsoft Server 2003 32-Bit operating system that utilizes MySQL as its browser-based Object Database. The operating system will reside in a dedicated RAID1 volume which will also share the proprietary Calisto EMS and Calisto Custody Manager (FTS) software. The Calisto EMS server shall posses a minimum processor performance of an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz processor.

The Calisto EMS server will also contain separate data storage Database and Video/Audio hard drive volumes configured in a RAID1 and RAID5 disk array, respectively. These volumes can be scaled using direct attached storage (DAS), fiberchannel, Network Attached Storage (NAS) or Storage Area Network (SAN) storage techniques.

Calisto EMS Network Interfaces and Data Transport Devices
The primary transport medium of evidentiary data from the in-car client video recording devices to the Calisto EMS Server shall be accomplished wirelessly utilizing non-proprietary 802.11n and MIMO apparatus. Each in-car client shall be equipped with a non-proprietary 802.11n Wireless Network adapter, while the FTS server will be supported by (2) 802.11n / MIMO Wireless Access Points (WAP).

The viewing and management of uploaded evidentiary data/video/audio can take place at remote locations using ordinary desktop or laptop computer systems and secure networks. The Calisto EMS server possesses (2) IEEE 802.3 Ethernet 10/100/1000 megabit per second network interfaces that can be connected to properly routed networks.
The viewing and management of uploaded evidentiary data/video/audio can also take place beyond the confines of the secure network infrastructure, and can simply employ common encapsulation or VPN methods to provide secure access to computers that may require connectivity over untrusted networks or the Internet.

Calisto EMS Live Wireless Video
The DVU-1000 system can be equipped to transmit LIVE (real-time) video using any available wireless data network, including cellular data networks that do not provide streaming data service.
Votan’s revolutionary video streaming technology enables Internet connected workstations to view LIVE video transmitted from patrol or service vehicles, aircraft, or fixed surveillance systems. No private or dedicated wireless networks are required.

The system supports ultra-low bit rate transmissions, cellular wireless communication, mid bandwidth digital radio and WiFi. With the Calisto EMS and Calisto Remote Media Streaming Service, videos can be received by any authorized workstation connected using standard Internet protocols, enabling full interoperability with any Windows-based PC running Internet Explorer.

Because the DVU-1000 system can highly compress digital video specifically to match a wide variety of publicly accessible frequencies such as WiFi and cellular data services, live digital video can be transmitted without the administrative complications of broadband microwave frequency licensing and allocation.

Calisto Evidentiary Media Player Software
This software allows users to manage video records inside the precinct after upload. Users can search evidentiary archives by Serial ID, Event ID, Officer Name, Vehicle ID, Office Code String, Race Code Number, Evidence Flag, Specific Sensor State, GPS Coordinates or any other programmable parameter. The video data is encoded and protected so it cannot be deleted or modified.