DVU-1000 systems incorporate an advanced wireless transfer system based upon Votan Research Corporation’s exclusive FTS™ protocol. This system recognizes vehicles as they come into range of a “home” IP network, such as an 802.11n based DVU-1000 network at the station site. The system automatically places vehicles in a queue.

As transfers are completed, the system automatically selects each new vehicle in the queue, and commences its evidentiary file transfer. The Calisto Custody Manager protocol controls the wireless network queue and transmission suppression schema, eliminating the need for specific uploading “stations.” When a DVU-1000 system is selected to begin transferring its video files, it’s assigned a Wireless Access Point (WAP). This system enables wireless upload regardless of the number of proximate DVU-1000 systems, each of which may be parked anywhere within a designated area (such as a parking lot).

Once each file transfer is completed and confirmed to be accurate, the system automatically prepares each DVU-1000 system with any necessary and appropriate system updates, while automatically entering all relevant data into the StationServer central database. When a DVU-1000 system has been updated as necessary, the next vehicle in the queue is automatically selected for file transfer.

Important Note: In the event that a vehicle returns to the field before an upload is complete, the system automatically logs and bookmarks the event and suspends the transfer. File Transfer automatically resumes beginning with the next video frame in sequence when the vehicle returns assuring no loss of data and maximum file transfer throughput.