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DVBS (Digital Video Broadcast Server) tunes and demodulates a DVB-S L-band RF signal input and simultaneously provides classified video and audio, unclassified video and audio, and data outputs. The unit extracts DVB-S packets of interest based on user-specified Program Identification Descriptions (PIDs). When classified packets are received, DVBS performs KGR-94 decryption. When audio/video packets are received, the unit performs MPEG-2 decompression. Data packets are reassembled into files, stored and served over the network.

The DVBS program is a two-year advanced technology program. It leverages DARPA and Raytheon-funded advanced PC card chassis and card developments. Two fully functional units will be built, tested and demonstrated. A Web-based user interface will allow DVBS to interface with a variety of client workstations. The unit size and weight will be one tenth that of today’s systems with similar functionality. The flexible architecture of DVBS will provide the infrastructure for the future intelligence signal-receive suite. Its size, functionality, and affordability will meet many of the existing man-pack requirements.

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