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Making the ability to find, filter, analyze and communicate intelligence information of interest — faster

Today’s analysts face the evolution of enemy personnel and tactics combined with increasing flow of intelligence data from collection sources. This frequently results in analysts spending too much time looking for information of interest instead of providing actionable intelligence.

The Direct-access User Knowledge Environment (DUKE) system provides the analyst with integrated analytical, geospatial and knowledge management tools. It provides secure access to allsource intelligence data, associating the data via geospatial and relational means to enable knowledge discovery and collaboration. The DUKE tools take advantage of leading edge technologies and increase analyst productivity and interoperability within the existing intelligence infrastructure. The DUKE system creates time for the analyst to think.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Integrated analytical, geospatial and knowledge management analyst tools
  • Secure access to established intelligence data sources and rapid integration of other sources and applications
  • Spatial exploitation of intelligence and the presentation of all-source intelligence data in the analyst workflow
  • Enables a world-wide, multiagency collaborative environment for rapid knowledge development and production of actionable intelligence
  • DoDIIS certified, accredited at DCID 6/3 PL-3 by the Defense Intelligence Agency and operational on JWICS

System Description

  • Web-based Java client application combining analyst workflow tools and geo-visualization components.
  • Full J2EE Application server combined with Oracle database technology.
  • PKI enabled DCID 6/3 PL-3 accredited system with administrative control of features and capabilities for mission tailoring.
  • DoDIIS certified and operational on JWICS




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