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Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS)

Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS)

Integrating ISR Assets for Battlespace Dominance.

The need for sharing accurate intelligence data is critical to our nation’s security. U.S. military forces deployed throughout the world, operating in joint environments, require real-time access to actionable intelligence. The Department of Defense’s response to this need is a global, Internet-like network in which both military and national agencies have access to time-sensitive intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) data.

Raytheon’s solution – the Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS) – makes this vision a reality.

The DCGS 10.2 program modernizes the U.S. armed forces’ distributed ISR exploitation systems, creating a worldwide, network-centric enterprise for real-time information sharing.

This system is leading the way toward seamless interoperability among all military services with its open architecture, Web-based DCGS Integration Backbone (DIB). The DIB facilitates the distribution of the right information at the right time to maximize

DCGS DIB Accomplishments

More Than 100 DIB Installations

The DIB software is installed in more than 100 systems around the world, and is a key enabler for information sharing and collaboration among previously isolated intelligence centers. The next-generation DIB, known as DIB 1.3, will address standards compliance, baseline convergence, enterprise interoperability and unique U.S. Air Force, Army and Navy requirements.

DGS-2 Full-spectrum Dominance

DCGS Control

Raytheon is the prime contractor of DCGS, leading a diverse team of partners and suppliers. DCGS provides continuous on-demand intelligence brokering to achieve full-spectrum dominance so that U.S. and coalition warfighters can change the course of events in hours, minutes or even seconds.

The environment provides physical and electronic distribution of current and archived ISR data and enables the integration of processes and systems.

Key capabilities of the system:

  • Information System interoperability, including standards compliance
  • Network-centric system providing a global C5ISR enterprise
  • Platform-independent, service-oriented architecture enabling use of services-unique applications
  • Software applications providing real-time control of ISR assets
  • Robust security and attributable safeguards

Formal system functional and performance testing at the factory and at DGS-2 have verified satisfaction of more than 99 percent of the system requirements. The system is progressing toward operational testing in the summer of 2009.

DGS-4 Solaris 10 Baseline

DCGS Loading Cargo on C17

The system being integrated at DGS-4 is similar in design to the DGS-2 site but has several upgrades, including a Solaris 10 baseline that has been fully tested in the factory before on-site delivery.

Rigorous factory acceptance testing was successfully completed one month early and included:

  • Complete system test preformed by analysts
  • Full performance test with internal and external users
  • System test and evaluation test conducted and approved in factory interim authority to operate
  • Recorded mission data live feeds not available in factory
  • All category one deficiency report’s have approved waivers with primary government furnished equipment and unavailable live interfaces

The installation and testing at the site have progressed ahead of schedule.

DCGS Provided to Air National Guard Sites

The latest Distributed Common Ground system, DCGS 10.2, at U.S. Air National Guard sites in Indiana, Kansas and Massachusetts provides core capabilities that are equal to primary DCGS locations. The Air National Guard’s mission is changing in five states from an air mission to an intelligence mission. This new mission will use the full capabilities of the DCGS enterprise.

Raytheon has Several Firsts at Empire Challenge 2008

DCGS Integrated Backbone

The annual Empire Challenge is designed to test and demonstrate techniques, standards and procedures for interoperation between U.S. and coalition ISR assets and systems, using a variety of U.S. and allied DCGS ground systems. At the Empire Challenge 2008, Raytheon accomplished several industry firsts, including enhancing data sharing with coalition forces and multiple coalition sites worldwide.

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