The Challenge
Enforcing compliance is a huge challenge for banks, healthcare providers, financial institutions and global software companies. Violations can result in fines, legal liability, and damage a corporation's integrity with their customers.

Why You Need Raytheon
  • Integrated policy engine monitors both the network and desktops for PHI, PII, PCI, or technology export violations.
  • Raytheon ships with pre-built policy packs to monitor and alert to specific compliance violations.
  • Destroys data on lost or stolen laptops; records whether sensitive data was compromised.

Enforcing Compliance Minimizes Risk and Liability

Hospitals, financial institutions, and retailers are all highly-regulated due to the high volumes of confidential data each organization manages. For example, a regional healthcare provider must ensure the protection of patients’ Personal Health Information (PHI), as required by the Federal Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Banks and financial institutions must protect customers’ confidential Personal Identification Information (PII). Retailers are subject to the merchant provisions of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) requirements.

All organizations could face enormous legal liabilities if regulated data is compromised. No Chief Security Officer wants to wake up with his company headlining the news as the latest regulated data breach.

Raytheon Monitors the Enterprise for Compliance

Raytheon solutions ensure regulated data is protected and compliance is enforced. In the case of the regional healthcare provider, Raytheon can monitor all communications or documents containing PHI or PII across all desktop channels, including non-network activities like printing and copies to mobile storage. Pre-built policies can ensure regulated data is not transmitted in instant messages, and alert the CSO if high volumes of patient data are sent to the printer. Customized policies can track activity within customized billing databases and patient tracking applications.

Raytheon Takes Demonstrating Compliance to a New Level

Compliance violations are fully documented and available for analysis and video replay. Armed with complete context, the CSO can take fully informed action to minimize future incidents: from user prompts notifying the violator of the policy infraction to outright blocking of specific, high-impact violations. By deploying Raytheon solutions, the healthcare provider is exercising best practices to protect patient privacy.

Demonstrate Compliance



Raytheon Enforces Compliance

SureView monitors all endpoint activities, including copying, printing, encrypting, or emailing. Tracks regulated data on laptops. Correlation of activities and video replay provides evidence of compliance violations.

Raytheon Services will help design specific compliance policies, train internal staff to spot leading indicators, and assist in investigations.

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