The Challenge
CAD designs, source code, product plans or other intellectual property could be stolen or leaked to competitors.

Why You Need Raytheon
  • Raytheon ships with pre-built policies designed to protect intellectual property on both the network and the desktop.
  • Leaks of intellectual property can be detected, even if evasive action is taken, such as taking the computer offline or using encryption to mask files or hide transmissions.
  • Specific policies can be created to stop terminated or departing employees from leaving the company with intellectual property.

Intellectual Property is at Risk

Intellectual property is perhaps the most important asset a company has. If it is leaked, the organization can lose market exclusivity and competitive advantage, which goes straight to the bottom line. For example, if a technology or manufacturing company has its product specifications or CAD design drawings for a revolutionary new product leaked to a competitor, a huge window of opportunity is lost, translating into potentially billions lost in revenue.

Raytheon Monitors the Enterprise for Intellectual Property Risk

Raytheon ships with pre-built policies to protect intellectual property. Accidental disclosures due to careless data handling or deliberate shunning of corporate policy could just as easily land in a competitor’s hands. A manufacturing company supplying components to a large U.S. automaker could deploy Raytheon risk monitoring and quickly get results:

  • In one case, an engineer--in order to meet an impending production deadline--copied sensitive CAD files onto his USB thumb drive to take home over the weekend. Not only was this against company policy, he could have easily lost the thumb drive. Although his intentions were good, he put the company’s IP at risk.
  • A new contract employee in the purchasing department burned a CD containing a complete 3D sub-assembly design file as part of a vendor bid package instead of the pre-approved 2D drawing, allowing for potential reverse engineering of the proprietary design.

In both cases, the triggering events could be viewed in complete context, allowing the company to take extremely-focused remediation with the individual users.

Raytheon Unravels Complex IP Theft

A parts maker lost a major contract of printed circuit boards to a small manufacturer overseas. The highly complex design appeared geometrically similar to the company’s original proposal but was priced much lower.

The Director of Security suspected that someone in the organization was feeding proprietary design data to the competitor. He also realized that someone taking such risks would also take great pains to “cover his tracks” and that the company needed sophisticated policies covering all communication channels at the granular level. Leveraging information gleaned from enterprise monitoring efforts, he focused on a small number of users for more detailed monitoring and was quickly able to identify the culprit—a contract engineer who had at one time worked for the competition.

The engineer in question, intending to steal more data, had printed hard copies of a proposal specification after hours, with the intention of handing it to his old boss as leverage for getting re-hired at his old company. In an effort to hide his tracks, he took the additional step of disconnecting his computer from the network and sent the files to a local printer. The Director of Security had created a policy that recorded user activity when data was printed after hours and was able to view the user’s actions in complete context. He had all the evidence he needed to take immediate action.

Only Raytheon has the ability to immediately detect all the accidental or deliberate ways that intellectual property can be leaked or stolen from an organization—whether through the network, via email, with a screen capture cut and paste, from copies to USB drives, or any other form of output. Raytheon will detect tampering even if the computer is detached from the network, the files are encrypted, or some other type of evasion is attempted. Raytheon’s unique features, such as disconnected caching and event correlating analytics, will unravel even the most complex activity.

Protect Intellectual Property



SureView Protects IP

SureView monitors all endpoint activities around IP; provides incident replay for investigations and forensics

Raytheon ships hundred of pre-built IP specific policies, some specifically for UGS and PTC CAD applications.

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