Key to mitigating privilege user abuse is the ability to determine context and intent, which can only be accomplished by monitoring human behavior. Raytheon SureView™ provides irrefutable attribution to a particular privileged user. SureView’s Privileged User Monitoring and Auditing (PUMA) Policy Pack is based on business policies and best practices for detecting and deterring privileged user abuse. Deploying the PUMA Policy Pack provides enterprise-wide visibility into privileged user activities.

With the SureView PUMA Policy Pack You Can

  • Approach Compliance with Confidence:  Superior security that helps you apply the “trust but verify” principle to how you manage and implement oversight for your organization’s privileged users  
  • Minimize Privileged User Threats:  Monitor who is accessing your most sensitive assets with out-of-the box policies based on best practices and years of experience and the ability to fine-tune or create new policies to meet your organization’s needs
  • Mitigate Risk to Enhance the Bottom Line:  Prevent the loss or destruction of intellectual property and other information assets 


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