Insider Threat Management - Raytheon delivers the industry’s leading solution for managing insider threats with a policy engine for desktop threats. With Raytheon’s solution—spanning monitoring to investigations—you receive leading indicators of potentially harmful behavior to stop incidents before they occur. Now you can take action immediately and accurately on actual violations and breaches.

Enterprise Monitoring - Privacy and Security are both best practices: enterprise monitoring is a best practice to protect your business and your employees.  Raytheon has built employee privacy protection into our solutions, ensuring that companies can detect events and individuals that put their enterprise at risk, while providing protection for everyone else. Video replay of alerted events ensure exoneration for people who have committed clearly-accidental or erroneously-targeted violations. Only Raytheon gives you the ability to obtain conclusive proof regarding an incident; our incident replay often completely exonerates insiders who might have been otherwise wrongly accused.

Targeted Investigations: Threatening incidents do not occur in isolation. Someone within your organization started a chain of events that led up to the behavior that triggered the incident known as technical observables. Only Raytheon can provide you with the investigative tools to actually target and investigate everything that happened before and after a violation occurred. With complete context, including full DVR-like incident replay, you can not only find the root cause of the problem, but also take the appropriate measures to fix it. Whether it is simple training and education for your employees, disciplinary action for process or policy violations, or malicious acts that require stronger legal action, only Raytheon gives you everything you need to take action immediately.

Use Cases: Check out five use cases that represent real insider threats our enterprise customers have encountered.

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