Best Practices to protect critical assets

Managing enterprise risk feels like an endless loop. You are under extreme pressure from many constituencies, including your board and CEO, to figure out what is going on and keep from being the next insider breach headline. Instead of being reactive, you wish you had more control.

What's at Risk Why Enterprise Monitoring
Protect Intellectual Property
  • Detect any potentially harmful activity around critical IP (CAD files, Databases, Product plans)
Safeguard Customer Information
  • Be alerted to even complex behaviors around private customer data (SSN's Credit Card #'s, PHI)
Monitor High Risk Users/Departments
  • Track privileged users like dba's and IT Admins
  • Monitor desktops on outsourced call centers, help desks, and customer fulfillment
Detect Malicious Fraud and Theft
  • Stop malicious acts and thefts that easily bypass CMF and DLP solutions
Support Compliance Initiatives
  • You need network and endpoint policies to demonstrate compliance
  • Get full forensics for evidentiary proof if required

Get Proactive

Raytheon Enterprise Monitoring puts you back in the driver's seat with a powerful policy engine, analytics platform and visual monitoring dashboard that identifies and alerts you to leading indicators of potentially harmful behavior. We can monitor every communication channel, from the network to the desktop, and identify threat vectors from individuals, departments, or even seemingly unconnected groups of users.

Enterprise Scalability

Our policy engine and analytics minimize false positives and false negatives. We monitor only what the deployed policies specify, and the ability to create fine-grained policies means you are not sifting through thousands of meaningless alerts to find the real events. Built for speed and ease of deployment, Raytheon scales easily to large installations in both Fortune 100 companies and federal agencies.

What is Enterprise Monitoring

Proactive monitoring for threats—and leading indicators of harmful behavior—across your organization

Why Raytheon

  • Proactive asset protection across the enterprise
  • Prioritize risks
  • Manage and fine tune security policies with complete context
  • Respects employee privacy while offering maximum protection

How it works

Insider Threat Monitoring

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