Find and fix the problem fast
You have detected activity within your organization that appears to be a serious security breach. The severity of the breach can run the gamut from an innocent mistake to intentional attack or theft. You need to get to the bottom of it fast because if the breach is serious, your business could face significant fines, financial loss, or embarrassing headlines.

What's at RiskWhy Enterprise Monitoring
Protect Intellectual Property
  • Detect and document complex activity around critical IP (CAD files, Databases, Product plans)
Safeguard Customer Information
  • Replay any activity around private customer data (SSN’s Credit Card #’s, PHI) in full detail
Monitor High Risk Users/Departments
  • Privileged users have unique access that allow them to cover their tracks
  • Outsourced call centers or programmers in foreign countries may not be as motivated to adhere to your privacy policies regarding customer data or intellectual property
Detect Malicious Fraud and Theft
  • Most malicious acts occur at the endpoint, but are usually complex and require correlation
  • Provides evidentiary proof for legal action
Support Compliance Initiatives
  • Detailed forensics and replay can assist in discovery efforts
  • Can help create appropriate custody of evidence processes and notifications for use in evidentiary proceedings

Threatening incidents do not occur in isolation. Someone within your organization started a chain of events that led up to the behavior that triggered the incident. Only Raytheon can provide you with the investigative tools to actually target and investigate everything that happened before and after it occurred. With complete context, including full DVR-like incident replay, you can not only find the root cause of the problem, but also take the appropriate measures to fix it. Whether it is simple training and education for your employees, disciplinary action for process or policy violations, or malicious acts that require stronger legal action, only Raytheon gives you everything you need to take action immediately.



What is Targeted Investigation

Incident forensics and remediation for serious violations

Why Raytheon

The most advanced tools and processes developed by world-class team of investigators

Actionable, efficient results separate the good from the bad, and delivers the evidence you need

Industry standard incident investigation and replay

How it works

Insider Threat Monitoring

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