An Integrated Approach to Threat Management

Monitoring and Investigations

Managing insider threats is a process, not an event. Although technology introduces new threat vectors, technology itself is not the problem—human behavior is. Effective monitoring must get at the root of the threat and focus on human behaviors by monitoring known technical observables. You need a solution that can detect not only the complete range of threats, but also deliver the context you need to take efficient and appropriate remediation, whether it is user training, individual counseling, building stronger policies, or conducting a more thorough investigation. And you don't want the added complexity and costs—not to mention the greatly increased potential for error—of managing separate systems for your perimeter and your desktops.

Only Raytheon’s integrated solution can effectively help you monitor your entire enterprise ecosystem without disrupting business continuity. Raytheon's integrated solution detects risky behavior and resolves serious incidents that could represent a significant threat and put your entire organization at risk. With Raytheon’s integrated platform: 

  • You don't just find threats, you eliminate them. Raytheon enables you to broadly monitor and protect your enterprise data and assets for risk indicators. If a clear violation is detected, target specific events or individual users for investigation. Complete context in the form of video replay allows for extremely targeted and focused remediation.
  • Complete Coverage. Only Raytheon can thoroughly track all communication channels from the network to the desktop, detect threats normally hidden by encrypted traffic and files, and continue monitoring even while desktops are offline. Because SureView is on the endpoint, it provides clear-text visibility of encrypted email, files and web-sessions which are collected immediately pre-encryption or post-decryption. Only Raytheon’s sophisticated policy engine allows you to monitor even for threats that are composed of linked, but seemingly harmless, individual actions.
  • You get the context you need to act fast. Raytheon monitors all communications and applications in real-time on both the network and the desktop. Also, Raytheon provides you all the details, insight, and complete context to immediately assess the severity of the threat, fix the problem, and build the policies to prevent it from happening in the future.

Integrated Threat Management

Comprehensive incident resolution, ongoing proactive threat reduction

Why Raytheon

The only integrated network and desktop solution covering all users activities

Industry standard incident investigation and replay

Shared management of policy, analytics, and reporting

How it works

How it works: Insider Threat Management

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