Mission Assurance without Mission Deterrence

Although technology introduces avenues for threats to enter an organization, it is the users, not the technology itself that put organizations' information in jeopardy. SureView™ enables safe and effective use of mission-critical technologies by capturing human behavior technical observables, which include policy violations, compliance incidents or malicious acts that are warning signs leading up to a breach.

Your cyber audit program needs to provide answers, not just more questions.

Stop poring through event logs and spreadsheets. Raytheon SureView captures any breach, policy violation, compliance incident, or malicious act and replays the event like a DVR with full context and user intent clear for immediate and informed action. Go way beyond data loss prevention to information protection.




Policy-Driven Information Protection

  • Accidental Leaks
  • Compliance Violations
  • Acceptable Use Enforcement
  • Privileged User Abuses
  • Export Violations

Whether the incident is accidental or deliberate, or somewhere in between, SureView gives you complete visibility to fix broken policies or business procedures, escalate serious incidents for investigations and take direct action if required, all while respecting employee privacy guidelines.

To protect an organization’s most valuable non-corporeal asset—its information, it must monitor human behavior on the endpoint. SureView is an appliance-based solution that monitors and enforces policies across all endpoints and channels of communication. Data collection is triggered when a violation occurs and it is stored for further investigation.



Incident Investigations and Digital Forensics

  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Customer Data Loss
  • Deliberate Leaks
  •  Fraud, Insider Trading
  • Corporate Sabotage

In addition to securing some of the most critical Fortune 100 infrastructures, Raytheon set the information protection standard across the federal government, providing the highest levels of endpoint monitoring and focused observation across America's most critical classified networks.

SureView is developed by a team of information protection domain experts who have spent their careers in information protection and have pioneered an active strategy to protect critical data by monitoring “technical observables” which include not only data’s location and movement but also the actions (including precursor actions) of users who access, alter, and transport that data. The SureView team has been a trusted mission partner of federal and commercial customers since 2001.



The Visibility and Context You Need To Eliminate Insider Threats

Only SureView monitors offline mobile laptops and detects threats usually hidden by encrypted traffic or files. The policy platform pulls it all together and displays all enterprise activity in an intuitive visual dashboard.

SureView's DVR-like incident replay

A wide range of insider threats can jeopardize your organization. Accidental data leaks are only one dimension; threats come in all shapes and sizes – from well-intentioned but inappropriate policy violations to deliberate theft of intellectual property or customer data.

Finding them feels like finding a needle in a haystack. Where do you start? You need an information protection solution that monitors all activity without disrupting your business and easily distinguishes the good from the bad. SureView provides you with the context, evidence and answers that you need, even for mobile users off the corporate network. SureView is the only solution that lets you see policy violations on encrypted web traffic, e-mail and attachments.



Full Event Reconstruction and Replay

SureView monitors activity for policy violations. Once an incident is identified, data collection is triggered and stored for further investigation. SureView's unique replay feature plays back what the user was actually doing before, during and after the flagged incident to provide you with the context you need – was it accidental, reckless behavior or truly malicious behavior? Investigation through incident replay and inspection of all associated data helps quickly determine the root cause and implement the appropriate fix.

Threats Begin at the Endpoint

SureView provides visibility into the many areas network devices can’t, including:

  • Deliberate, malicious acts such as IP theft, which easily circumvents most data leak solutions.
  • Mobile and even internal users that “take themselves offline” or use encryption to avoid detection.
  • Complex problems: preventing export violations when intellectual property is inadvertently sent to the wrong countries.
  • Suspicious activity within applications, including Lotus Notes and custom deployments of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) and other internal applications.
  • “Leading Indicator” actions, such as a “screen capture” that has been encrypted and saved to a USB drive.



What is SureView?

Proactive, endpoint, information protection solution

What's New?

Sureview 6.7

Why SureView?

Trusted mission partner since 2001

Comprehensive, focused monitoring of all endpoint activity channels

Detects policy violations hidden by encryption, including Web traffic, e-mail and attachments

Prompting and remediation for accidental data leak prevention

Incident replay including endpoint video recording and custom applications

Monitors offline activity for mobile and deliberately disconnected users

How SureView Works

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