Raytheon is the Insider Threat and Counterintelligence Solution of Choice

The U.S. Government’s increased focus on insider threats has prompted many companies to claim they have an insider threat solution. However, Raytheon is the only organization that has been developing insider threat and counterintelligence solutions from the ground up since 2001.

Military-Grade Threat Protection for the Fortune 100


Protects Fortune 100 banking, technology, manufacturing and other commercial infrastructure companies.




Secures some of the most critical classified networks from internal leaks, compromise and malicious attacks.

Why we are the Global Leader in Insider Threat and Counterintelligence Solutions

  • Raytheon is the largest provider of insider threat solutions to the US Government
  • Raytheon has partnered closely with the US government in refining its proven  insider threat solutions for over a decade
  • Raytheon is the first with full context incident replay (only tool with this capability)
  • Raytheon provides mission support services and domain expertise to ensure their customer’s insider threat programs are successful
  • Raytheon was the first to protect USB, print, and non-network egress channels
  • Raytheon was the first to monitor encrypted and decryption behavior
  • Raytheon was the first to monitor offline behavior

Threats designed to steal intellectual property find their way into organizations through many vectors, but the root of all threats is human behavior. Raytheon Insider Threat and Counterintelligence Solutions observe, aggregate, analyze and audit data from the endpoint – that is the actual workstation – because a significant amount of human behavior on IT systems never actually traverses the network.

Security solutions such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP), though good for unencrypted e-mail text and attachments, are defeated if a malicious actor encrypts the content in order to conceal the payload.  Moreover, a purely “content-centric” approach to the insider threat ignores the fact that data exfiltration is merely one of many threat vectors among a broad spectrum of risks that do not necessarily relate to “data leaks.”  Those risks include, among others, technical sabotage and clandestine communication. Raytheon solutions bridge the gap left by DLP solutions.

Raytheon solutions enable trust of employees and devices through verification. They complement other security solutions such as Information Assurance (IA) by auditing their performance to ensure they are working properly.

Raytheon Insider Threat and Counterintelligence Solutions provide continuous monitoring and Enterprise Audit Management of user activity to mitigate the insider threat; the ability to detect malware before signatures, definitions, and other indicators have been provided; data aggregation capabilities that enable a “whole person” view of an individual and enterprise-wide visibility to end-user behavior across networks at different levels of classification with cross domain integration.

  • SureView: Insider Threat Monitoring and Enterprise User Audit Management Solution. 
  • CrossView: Cross Domain auditing
  • Convergence: Enterprise visibility



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