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Common Sensor Payload (CSP)

Common Sensor Payload (CSP)

With the Army's Common Sensor Payload selection, Raytheon continues its sensor market leadership in providing actionable information through advanced, best-value sensing and targeting capabilities. CSP joins our family of highly advanced, targeting systems providing critical intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting mission capabilities to the warfighter today.

CSP will benefit from, and contribute to, joint force synergies in common technology, capabilities and mission support. Commonality and compatibility are already fostered by other Raytheon EO/IR systems such as the AN/DAS-2 on the Army's Extended Range Multi-Purpose Unmanned Aerial System; the AN/AAS-52 and AN/DAS-1 on the U.S. Air Force Predator and Reaper Unmanned Aerial Systems respectively; as well as the AN/AAS-44(C) on U.S. Navy MH-60R/S helicopters and the AN/ZSQ-2 on USSOCOM helicopters.

Raytheon's approach will deliver a common targeting sensor for Army Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition missions and satisfy force efficiency care-abouts, including:

  • Common capabilities, view/operation of sensors across platforms (Field of View, characters, etc)
  • Common sensor procurement to simplify acquisition and unit cost
  • Common systems integration approach across platforms to simplify capabilities growth and reduce cost
  • Commonality in Mission Support for reduction of sensor logistical footprint and less maintainers required.
    • Maintainers – Single repairer works fewer sensor types across the organization, increasing technical skill and performance
    • Operators – Common sensor reduces training development needs and requirements for Soldiers.
    • Logistic / Supply Support – Common approach reduces sparing costs and logistic planning and maintenance actions
    • Raytheon will leverage its Common EO Factory core capability, based in McKinney, Texas, so that CSP benefits from proven system design, development and production efficiencies, providing the Army with a "best value" solution.

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