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The Raytheon CrossView Solution provides cross domain transfer capability for Raytheon SureView, enabling SureView agents from multiple networks to operate on one, consolidated, SureView system. This offers a comprehensive picture of user activity across networks with different classification levels within SureView. Information sent between the client and collector first pass through the cross domain solution to ensure:

  • Audit policies downloaded from higher security levels do not contain classified data inappropriate for the lower networks.
  • Only verified SureView agent traffic is passed along to the SureView system.

Once data is filtered through the cross domain solution it is then sent to SureView’s Investigator Workbench GUI for review by analysts.

Features and Benefits:

  • Increased Analyst Productivity
  • Reduced hardware cost
  • Simplified desktop Administration
  • Decreased Power/Space/Cooling requirements
  • Minimize O&M costs on desktop administration, network bandwidth, system administration, and datacenter management
  • Simultaneous system access

What is CrossView?

CrossView provides cross domain transfer capability for SureView

How CrossView Works

CrossView Infographic Launch Infographic

Data Sheets and White Papers

Cross-Domain Endpoint Auditing