Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Multifunction (ARL-M) Crazy Hawk

The Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Multifunction (ARL-M) radar provides high-resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) images in all weather, day or night.

The ARL-M is a multi-mode X-band SAR reconnaissance and surveillance system that has two modes of operation. Its Wide Area Moving Target Indicator (WAMTI) mode scans a 10,000-square-kilometer area in less than a minute, detecting ground movers, which are depicted on a cartographic map of the area. The depicted symbols provide target direction and location information. The SAR spot mode provides 1.8 meter resolution imagery of a 10-square-kilometer area. The WAMTI mode detects movers and provides a cue to invoke the spot mode for a SAR image of the same area.

With its high-quality imagery and moving target indication capabilities, the ARL-M can be used for border surveillance, ground force movement, littoral region activities, land mapping, and resource management. The ARL-M, a derivative of Raytheon's HISAR™ system, is operational on the U.S. Army's RC-7B aircraft.

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