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Coyote UAS

Small, Expendable Unmanned Aircraft System

The Coyote® unmanned aircraft system is an expendable system that's deployed from an A-size sonobuoy tube or Common Launch Tube to perform intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance missions while the host aircraft remains in safe airspace.

It's designed to handle reasonably large accelerations during launch, a critical feature for all tube-launch applications. It is also an ideal UAS for improved surveillance imagery, improved targeting capability, near real-time damage assessment and reduced threat to manned aircraft.

The affordable Coyote UAS meets current P-3 mission requirements and is developed and tested to save lives, reduce operational costs and provide tactical surveillance data.

The system will operate up to one hour and is designed for interchangeable payloads. It is used by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration for hurricane tracking.

The Coyote UAS has completed flight tests under multiple U.S. Department of Defense programs. Additionally, tube launch development is underway for land and ship-based applications.


  • Low-cost, expendable UAS
  • Performs surveillance imagery, targeting capability and real-time damage assessment
  • Designed to save lives and reduce operational costs
  • Suitable for targeting assistance, perimeter security and research missions
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Raytheon’s ‘Coyote’ gathers critical hurricane data


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