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Customer Benefits

Enhances situational awareness at incident to help effectively manage firefighter personnel, resources and assets so key stakeholders remain up-to-date

Improves strategic management of resources through real-time collaboration

Enables faster understanding of incident’s status

Improves firefighter accountability and improved safety

Uses standard symbols with touch-screen technology for easy transition from traditional whiteboard systems




A 21st Century Approach to Incident Command

Innovative Solution for Today's Incident Commander
Upgrade traditional whiteboard, magnets, and markers to our fully ruggedized, wireless incident command system. Delivering secure real-time information sharing and collaboration, CommandPad provides continuous, situational awareness—for improved command response and safety.

rtn_iis_commandpad_img1Integrated, Intuitive System
Developed in collaboration with firefighters, CommandPad bring together critical data sources into a single, state-of-the-art system. Incident commanders can efficiently manage firefighters, equipment, emergency medical teams and other emergency personnel, maintaining knowledge of their deployments and time they have worked in hazardous areas. Commanders also have real-time access to aerial images, maps, building information and relevant floor plans to maintain the positions and function of responding teams.

rtn_iis_commandpad_img1Scalable Incident Response
Fire departments, law enforcement agencies and managers at emergency operations centers will find CommandPad ideal for handling both small-scale and large-scale incidents. Based on the complexity, CommandPad is scalable from a single unit used by the incident commander to coordination across multiple units.

The robust wireless mesh connectivity keeps all units synchronized, sharing the incident data while allowing each unit to focus on their area of responsibility. Responding chiefs can stay connected throughout the incident and collaborate in real-time across multiple CommandPad units, as well as with dispatch and operations centers. The total sharing of information ensures system reliability and eliminates single points of failure.

rtn_iis_commandpad_img1Protecting the Homeland and the Hometown
CommandPad supports the National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards and guidelines for incident management. It is fully customizable for all emergency responders, from local fire and law enforcement departments to homeland security agencies.

CommandPad in Action: Improving New York City Firefighters’ Command Response and Safety

Working side by side with the Fire Department of New York (FDNY), Raytheon is deploying the state-of-the-art CommandPad system to modernize the magnetic whiteboards used by the FDNY at emergency incidents. Designed and built to meet FDNY’s incident management requirements, CommandPad delivers critical information when it’s needed, helping FDNY keep the city of New York safe.

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