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Posted July 23, 2012


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Raytheon Concrete-Breaching Rescue Tool Now Available to First Responders Via GSA Schedule
Posted: June 29, 2011

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DHS Director Cites Raytheon's CIRT in Congressional Testimony

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Feb 2012 - Tool Helps Rescuers Save Lives in Less Time (

Sep 2011 - Rescue tool 'cuts' concrete (

Aug 2011 - Controlled Impact Rescue Tool Can Break Through Concrete in 8 Minutes, S&T Shows (Fire Chief)

Jun 2011 - Raytheon's CIRT makes punching through concrete walls easy (LA Times)
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Ordering Information

For ordering information e-mail

CIRT Products and ordering information are available to federal, state and local government entities on GSA Schedule



Saving Lives with Maximum Concrete Breaching Power in a Portable Tool

Imagine a search and rescue team arriving on the scene of a collapsed heavy concrete structure with survivors trapped between pieces of the rubble. Extracting the victims alive is usually a complicated, slow and dangerous process for both rescuers and victims, especially if breaching or breaking through concrete is necessary.

Safely breaching through reinforced concrete is difficult without the right tools and techniques. Raytheon has found an answer by developing a portable rapid concrete-breaching technology called the Controlled Impact Rescue Tool or CIRT. This technology will help improve efforts of urban search and rescue teams by providing new and faster capabilities to help save lives in disaster situations.

CIRT uses a specially designed impact head that applies a concentrated shock load into the concrete. Multiple impacts on concrete produce substantial localized damage allowing for faster breaching.

For ordering information e-mail

Public safety agencies can obtain the funding they need to procure equipment and training. These grants will enable them to enhance their capabilities for emergency response.

Raytheon is prepared to assist you in identifying and obtaining the funding you need to add CIRT to your capabilities. Contact us to get started.

Key Benefits:

  • This technology will help reach trapped victims up to four times faster than with traditional methods..
  • CIRT is safe, portable and requires minimal training.
  • CIRT is self-contained and does not require hoses or auxiliary power allowing rapid deployment.
  • This technology bridges the gap between conventional tools and explosives.
  • In contrast to heavy breakers, CIRT is effective in any orientation.

Design Specifications:

  • Two-man portable unit
  • Weight: 105 lbs (47.62 kg)
  • Dimensions:  38.3” x 18” x 11.6” ( .97m x .46m x .29m )
  • Uses standard, blank, powder ammunition cartridges
  • Basic eye and ear protection required




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