The first open-architecture, flexible, scalable, software programmable digital radio to deliver correlated and integrated tactical intelligence broadcasts

JTT/CIBS-M is a high-performance software-programmable digital intel radio. Its plug-and-play modular functionality accesses the current intelligence networks and enables forward compatibility for the Integrated Broadcast Service (IBS). Instant access to complete, accurate, and timely tactical intelligence and targeting information supports battle managers, intelligence centers, air defenders, fire support elements, and aviation nodes for airborne, sea-going, subsurface, and ground mobile platforms.

Common IBS Modules support integration into other terminal and processor configurations as well as preplanned product improvements and emerging technology insertions. JTT is the first scalable, flexible, open-architecture radio to provide correlated and integrated tactical intelligence information for the Joint Service warfighter.

By incorporating the Army Technical Architecture, Joint Technical Architecture, and Defense Information Infrastructure Common Operating Environment (DII COE), Raytheon ensures that the JTT/CIBS-M family of terminals is ready for Joint Vision 2010.