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Raytheon Wins DHS ICE Investigative Case Management Modernization Contract

Customer Benefits

A case management solution that delivers timely intel to the front line

The best value solution leveraging your existing software, the latest technology, or a combination of both

Scalable, web-based architecture to meet evolving needs and to enable information sharing across multiple organizations and locations

Simple interface using common standards for report generation, document management, and information sharing.

Agents have instant access to case information in the field through laptop, handheld, and wireless-enabled devices, facilitating critical information sharing


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Although data can be overwhelming,
intelligence is powerful.

Investigation officers and agents have to sort through mountains of data while every second counts. Raytheon’s investigative case management solutions provide users with the ability to successfully manage and investigate cases by delivering timely, actionable intelligence. 

Quick Delivery Quick delivery
Using a proven agile development approach and a flexible platform that is easily tailorable to any environment, Raytheon can deliver fully operational systems to the requirements’ exact specifications by engaging our customers in the development cycle earlier and more often.  We have successfully demonstrated that our incremental development approach works on complex, mission-critical systems such as FBI N-DEx. Our expertise with many COTS products and Web-enabled systems that adhere to architecture standards ensure low-risk and high-success implementation for agencies.

Information Sharing Information Sharing
Raytheon’s investigative case management solution improves our customers’ ability to manage, investigate and report on cases by improving interoperability with other systems and data sharing with other agencies.  Similar to our successful deployment of the FBI N-DEx system, our case management solution enables federated search capabilities through NIEM-compliant interfaces, and allows for unstructured and structured searches across any disparate data sources. By “connecting the dots,” the case management system can deliver timely, relevant intel to the front lines.

User Experience Improved user experience
Our key to success: engaging stakeholders and users throughout our development process. Using intuitive interfaces and enterprise solutions that rely upon forward-leading technology, our case management systems can evolve to meet ever changing mission needs.




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