The Air Warfare Simulation (AWSIM) is a real-time, interactive, entity-level air simulation system for commanders, staffs and other organizations.

AWSIM provides a robust capability for training, mission rehearsal, doctrine and procedures development, experimentation and operational plans assessment. As new C4ISR technologies and platforms emerge, AWSIM provides the capability to test and certify real-world systems with the warfighter in the loop to guide acquisition strategies. The simulation's underlying architecture ensures its interoperability with other systems to provide comprehensive mission systems integration solutions to net-centric requirements. AWSIM converges multiple versions of legacy wargames into a single standard for air power representation and provides technology that leads to the next generation of wargames. AWSIM integrates with other simulation systems using multiple interfaces: Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS), Aggregate Level Simulation Protocol (ALSP), or High-Level Architecture (HLA). AWSIM is the core of the Air Force Modeling and Simulation Training Toolkit (AFM&STT).