AWIPS II – the AWIPS of the Future

As the architect of the AWIPS evolution, Raytheon designed, developed, and is currently testing the system’s next-generation software. AWIPS II will bring advanced functionality to forecasters in the field. It will also simplify code and consequently strengthen system performance while reducing the maintenance burden. All of this will be achieved while retaining a system look and feel that will make the AWIPS evolution appear similar to the user.

The AWIPS Software Re-Architecture Product Improvement Plan, authored by Raytheon and known as AWIPS II, is built on a Service Oriented Architecture. The AWIPS II structure also takes advantage of open source software. Key attributes include:

  • Non-proprietary software with dependencies only on leading open source packages
  • High performance data services using advanced data serialization techniques to enable gaming style interaction with dynamic data updates
  • Situational awareness and decision-making visualization that is very adaptable and can perform GIS projections of all data faster than any commercial system
  • Visualization is customizable at the base/site/user level through XML files and scripts that give users a completely tailored view of the data and con-ops
  • Warnings and reports done quickly through GIS interactions and automated text generation through template engine
  • Plug-and-play adaptable to a variety of data types
  • Scalable from laptop to servers

With the first release of AWIPS II is anticipated for mid-2011, Raytheon is working closely with the NWS program management office to keep the larger AWIPS community informed and aware of these advances. By using our AWIPS “Voice of the Forecaster” program, we are able to relay AWIPS II concepts and strategies, deliver technical briefings, and tap into the invaluable input and insights of forecasters in the field.

Our vision for AWIPS is based on an unwavering commitment to the NOAA/NWS mission. We thrive on a shared belief that operating in partnership with our customer, accepting responsibility for the system entrusted to us, and pursuing innovation wherever it adds value will yield benefits for AWIPS users and the public. We execute the AWIPS mission through the creation of a working environment that enables our team to consistently turn requirements into high-quality, highly responsive, cost-effective solutions.

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