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Air Traffic Solutions

Air Traffic Solutions

From proactive cyber threat hunting to GPS-guided precision landing to enhanced mid- and long-range weather planning, Raytheon continues to pave the way for the data-driven, dynamic future of air travel. Our unique portfolio of automation, surveillance, navigation and landing solutions — backed by extensive cyber, analytics and software expertise — is improving safety and efficiency across more than two-thirds of the world's airspace.

Supporting the future of airspace


See how our cyber hardening solutions are alerting pilots to cyber attack.
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Our Joint Precision Approach Landing System and other products are making the F-35 even better.
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See how we're eradicating the effect of wind turbines on air traffic control radars.
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Leading-edge technologies

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Addressing the challenges and opportunities of a rapidly evolving airspace starts with laying a foundation of leading-edge innovation.

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Automation Systems
Supporting 80% of U.S. air traffic, Raytheon's dynamic modernization program delivers increased safety and capacity, improved management and optimized aircraft spacing. Our upgraded hardware and software enable collaborative decision support tools and drive efficiency.

Aviation Weather
Leveraging expertise with NOAA programs and a partnership with MIT Lincoln Lab, Raytheon delivers predictive weather capabilities that reduce travel delays, drive down costs and enhance mid- and long-range planning.

Satellite-Based Augmentation
Raytheon improves the accuracy and availability of GPS signals for satellite-based navigation, allowing for reduced infrastructure, increased capacity and more direct routes.

Next Generation Surveillance
Raytheon uses efficient X-band multi-mission radar technology to enable gap-free surveillance with low altitude coverage and wind farm mitigation to detect unmanned aircraft.

Precision Navigation and Landing
Using highly secured GPS signals, Raytheon lands aircraft with pinpoint accuracy, day or night, in any environment. Capable of being integrated into existing landing systems on legacy aircraft, our tech ensures maximum efficiency and interoperability.

Expeditionary Operations
Raytheon brings instant air traffic control to the battlefield or disaster relief site with fully autonomous and transportable radar systems for surveillance and approach. Learn more

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