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The tapered chamber is an indoor, static facility used for measurements of development antennas, advanced passive and active arrays, and radomes. This chamber produces a plane wave meeting conventional 2D^2/Lambda criteria at frequencies from 0.2 to 34 GHz.

The RF system and range can be easily tailored to meet customer requirements. Amplifiers can be added as needed at the Tx or Rx sites to improve system performance.The on-site machine shop can support the fabrication of custom antenna fixtures.

The overhead crane lifts the target from the staging area and moves it to the chamber large door opening. The chamber overhead crane is then used to lift and position the antenna onto the tower. Targets mounted on the tower are located 14 feet off the chamber floor with access provided by using movable ladders.

RF System:

  • 90-foot long tapered direct illumination chamber
  • HP8530/HP8511 200 MHz to 2 GHz system, 18 GHz to 110 GHz
  • HP8530 with MMS-410 gating adapter 2-18 GHz system
  • 1,000 lb capacity antenna tower

Positioning System:

  • Positioning equipment
  • Tx site near apex is adjustable in downrange position
  • Rx tower manually adjustable for phase center positioning
  • Tx site is roll capable, Rx site has Az and roll capability, elevation capability with addition of small Az/El rotator
  • Laser alignment easily accomplished

Target Handling:

  • 16' H x 14' W chamber access door
  • Two-ton capacity overhead crane in staging area
  • Two one-ton capacity overhead cranes in chamber


  • CompuQuest 1541 positioning system and RF system control software
  • CompuQuest 1541 data processing software to support full antenna measurement requirements


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