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Compact Ranges — Chamber 2

Chamber 2 is an indoor, static, research and development compact range used for antenna measurements, advanced passive and active arrays, and radomes. The chamber can support multiple antenna and RCS measurement frequency bands by easily changing the chamber floor accessible feeds. Positioner control of the Tx site roll axis and Rx site roll, elevation and azimuth axes are available. Antenna measurements are supported by using an HP8530/MMS-410 gating box system. RCS measurements can also be supported by using the high power elan 2000 Radar system.

The target is illuminated with a plane wave produced by the dual reflector system. From the feeds on the chamber floor, the wave is directed by a subreflector, suspended from the ceiling, onto the main reflector at the end of the chamber. This arrangement enables azimuth “cuts” to be taken in the symmetrical plane of the system.

The overhead crane lifts the target from the lower staging area and carries it on the antenna tower for antenna measurements or onto the pylon top hat rotator for RCS measurements. Access to the target is provided by a two-person manlift. Chamber floor access is provided by a stairway.

The HP8530 system can be used to perform antenna checks (VSWR, gain) before measurements are started.

RF System:

  • Compact range using a dual parabolic reflector system
  • 90' L x 45' H x 45' W chamber with 12-foot x 12-foot x 24-foot quiet zone
  • HP8530 with MMS-410 gating box, 1 watt Tx solid state amp
  • 200 MHz to 110 GHz for antenna measurements
  • 45 MHz to 100 GHz for component measurements
  • 2-18 GHz for RCS measurements (requires Lintek élan 2000)
  • 5,000 lb capacity tower for antenna measurements
  • Orbit 3,000 lb capacity pylon

Positioning System:

  • 5 axis position control for antenna measurements
  • Log stacker lift for positioning pylon
  • Az/El pylon top hat positioner

Target Handling:

  • Two-person manlift for chamber and target access
  • 5000 lb capacity overhead crane


  • CompuQuest positioning system and RF system control software
  • CompuQuest 1541 data processing software to support full antenna measurement requirements and full RCS processing capability including high resolution ISAR images, RCS vs. frequency, RCS vs. azimuth, time domain and global ISA


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