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Compact Ranges — Chamber 1

Chamber 1 is an indoor, static, research and development compact range used for testing advanced passive and active arrays,  developing stealth/low observable components and models, and fully supporting antenna measurements.
Chamber 1 is fully certified and adheres to the standards set forth by ANSI-Z-540/ISO-25 and continues to participate in the National RCS Measurement Facility Standards Program.

Chamber 1 can complete a calibration and be ready to support measurements within several hours. This is accomplished by using movable log stackers and positioners that support the foam column and pylon.

The target is illuminated with a plane wave produced by the dual reflector system. From the feeds located on the chamber floor, the wave is directed by a subreflector, suspended from the ceiling, onto the main reflector at the end of the chamber. This arrangement enables azimuth “cuts” to be taken in the symmetrical plane of the system.

Access to the chamber is provided by a 20-foot x 20-foot pneumatically controlled door, through which a walkway and a telescoping jib crane are extended. The crane lifts the target from the lower staging area and carries it onto a top hat rotator mounted on the pylon or onto a styrofoam column.

RF System:

  • Compact range using a dual parabolic reflector system
  • 45' L x 22' H x 22' W chamber with 6-foot by 6-foot by 12-foot quiet zone
  • Lintek élan 2000 Radar dual channel dual gate system
  • 20 watt solid state Tx amps with auto system drift correction
  • 2-18 GHz continuous band coverage for RCS measurements
  • 2-4 GHz, 4-8 GHz, 8-18 GHz, and 2-18 GHz Tx/Rx feeds
  • 500 MHz to 110 GHz for antenna measurements
  • SRDC composite 1500 lb capacity low RCS pylon
  • SRDC composite low RCS 12-foot test body

Positioning System:

  • Positioners for pylon, foam columns and antennas
  • Log stacker lifts for positioning pylon and foam columns
  • Az/El Pylon top hat positioner

Target Handling:

  • Extendable catwalk for chamber access
  • 2000 lb capacity telescoping jib crane


  • Lintek radar and positioning system control software
  • CompuQuest 1541 and KNOWBELL data processing software
  • Full processing capability including high resolution ISAR images, RCS vs. frequency, RCS vs. azimuth, time domain, global ISAR and antenna measurements


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