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Advanced Training Solutions for Air Traffic
Control Professionals

Raytheon-led Team Supports FAA’s ATCOTS Contract

The Raytheon Company Air Traffic Control Optimum Training Solution (ATCOTS) team provides training for the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic controllers. Under this contract, the team is focused on integrating new technologies to improve air traffic operations. Raytheon's ATCOTS team will leverage four decades of experience with FAA programs to offer the most extensive training expertise for the customer.

A Commitment to Excellence

Recognizing that it is critical to provide U.S. air traffic controllers with superior service and support, Raytheon has put together a team with the breadth and depth of experience to ensure that we provide training solutions and improvements that support our customer’s mission. Our team is committed to supporting all ATCOTS program requirements and working closely with the FAA and others to provide safe and continuous air travel for the flying public.

The Raytheon team includes Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.; Dynamic Science, Inc.; CNI Information Technology, LLC; Interim Solutions for Government (ISG);  University of North Dakota and Minneapolis Community and Technical College.

A Business Partner for the Future

FirstplusThe Raytheon ATCOTS team’s people-first approach facilitates a seamless transition from the current environment to a fully integrated system that optimizes training operations. The team also supports metrics-based management and ensures training transformation in concert with next-generation (NextGen) requirements. NextGen involves preparing newly hired air traffic controllers to work not only in today’s ground-based radar air traffic control environment, but also tomorrow’s satellite-based environment.

Our Business Partners


Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Dynamic Science, Inc.

CNI Information Technology, LLC

Interim Solutions for Government (ISG) 


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