SAS ASPIS Masthead

ASPIS: the Advanced Self-Protection Integrated Suite for the 21st Century.

ASPIS is an integrated system of electronic warfare (EW) equipment that provides a secure electronic shield against anti-aircraft missiles and threat fire control radars.

ASPIS is a proven, modular, highly effective internal EW system demonstrated against real threats in acceptance flight trials, NATO combat exercises, and spontaneous defense of sovereign territory. Designed to detect, identify, and counter contemporary threats in a high density environment, ASPIS is the most capable integrated EW suite available today.

Developed for the Hellenic Air Force (HAF) in the mid 1990s, ASPIS has been operationally deployed since 1999. The newest version of the system, ASPIS II, is now in production and features a new digital radar warning receiver for dense signal environments and a new digital RF memory-equipped jammer with enhanced resource management and technique-rich capabilities.

ASPIS is offered by an unparalleled team focused on providing the ultimate in engineering design expertise and product support. The team is led by Raytheon's Electronic Warfare Systems and is supported by Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems.


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