Advanced Missile Warning Masthead

Innovative space payloads for advanced missile warning.

Raytheon’s advanced missile warning vision employs new technologies in a low-risk development effort to create next-generation full-Earth staring, space-based infrared (IR) missile detection and warning systems.

With 40 years of proven experience in developing high-performance space solutions, Raytheon is well positioned to support the U.S. government’s space-based mission requirements. Our capabilities will expedite the assessment of full-Earth staring sensor payload technology — and data sharing in a net-centric environment — for missile warning and other important Department of Defense missions.

Raytheon’s advanced missile warning payload design does not require gimbals or a pointing mirror. This translates to lower cost, lower risk and less payload management complexity, demonstrating the potential of full-Earth staring sensors to significantly expand current IR missile warning and early detection capabilities.

In addition, our innovative approach offers a path to increased sensitivity, faster detection and higher resolution for unparalleled missile warning/missile defense mission utility. Raytheon’s modular payload architecture readily accommodates future technology developments.



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