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US Army, US Air Force intercept cruise missile for first time with JLENS-guided AMRAAM

Raytheon exceeds AMRAAM delivery requirements of US Air Force

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The Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile (AMRAAM®) has scored combat victories in the skies of Iraq, Bosnia and Kosovo. Its operational reliability is measured in thousands of hours.

AMRAAM packs unprecedented performance into a lightweight, cost-effective package. Because of the incorporation of the latest digital technology, micro-miniaturized solid-state electronics, and 
state-of-the-art active radar guidance, AMRAAM delivers the highest dependability at the lowest cost of ownership.

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AMRAAM provides operational flexibility and multi-shot capability. It can be launched day or night, in all weather. Its autonomous guidance capability provides the pilot with a critical range-preserving launch-and-leave ability. This allows immediate maneuvering following missile launch, thus providing faster engagement of follow-on targets or the option to maximize separation from the original threat.

AMRAAM’s operational capabilities include quick fly-out, robust immunity to countermeasures, and better capability attacking
low-altitude targets. Its state-of-the-art active radar guidance, multi-shot capability, and dual use (air and surface launch) deliver high dependability at low cost of ownership.

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To date, 36 countries have procured AMRAAM, enriching interoperability, ensuring commonality, and helping sustain strong overall logistic support.


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