Crafted for Capability, Performance
The AN/AQS-22 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS) is the primary undersea warfare (USW) sensor of the MH-60R multi-mission helicopter. This integrated dipping sonar system enables the MH-60R to accomplish the assigned USW missions of submarine detection, tracking, localization and classification. It also performs missions relating to acoustic intercept, underwater communications and environmental data acquisition.

Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS)
ALFS provides critical undersea warfare mission support capabilities.

In a Class by Itself
The AN/AQS-22 is the only in-service dipping sonar with multi-frequency operation. This capability enables the AN/AQS-22 to adapt its performance to varying environmental conditions. With a rapid search rate, the AN/AQS-22 identifies and neutralizes threats sooner, enabling it to cover a larger area. The AN/AQS-22 also permits a longer detection range over a wider area, reducing the number of helicopters required to perform active anti-submarine warfare (ASW) screening.

Safety First
At 272 kg, the AN/AQS-22 ALFS impressively balances capability and weight while delivering the highest degree of operational safety. The reeling machine’s innovative design and cable strength, as well as the fault monitoring and safety interlocks built into it, make the AN/AQS-22 the safest and most capable dipping sonar in service today. Also, power to the AN/AQS-22 ALFS is supplied by the helicopter, eliminating the need for expensive in-unit sonar batteries.

Whole Life Services and Support
Raytheon, in partnership with Thales Underwater Systems, produces an average of 20 full-rate AN/AQS-22 production systems per year. Additionally, Raytheon provides the full range of whole life services and support including spares, repairs and field service support.


AN/AQS-22 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS)

ALFS Infographic

Airborne Low Frequency Sonar infographic


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