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The AIMSS™ authoring tool set puts all the technical information you need to maintain complex systems at your fingertips.

Raytheon's Advanced Integrated Maintenance Support System (AIMSS) software is an interactive electronic technical manual (IETM) authoring tool set. Using state-of-the-art object database technology, it enables you to generate, display, store, retrieve, automate, and deliver Class 4 and 5 IETM formatted projects from your workstation or personal computer. The AIMSS software is Windows®-based, and its graphical authoring environment requires no programming skills.

The robust object-oriented AIMSS tool set has the power and capacity to manage and maintain data for multiple systems. Its enhanced import/export capabilities efficiently import legacy data, and graphic compression and database move/copy features allow easy data manipulation. The tool set supports a full complement of dialogs and processes that can be embedded in interactive procedures as hypertext and graphic "hot spots" to provide rapid access to related information in the database.

One of the tool set's most powerful features is its fault-isolation capability. Troubleshooting information is presented step-by-step, as in a traditional fault-logic diagram. Each step has detailed instructions and a question that requires a yes/no or typed response. Using these answers and mathematical operations, the tool set leads you directly to the next appropriate step. Troubleshooting is further simplified by a dynamic data exchange protocol that allows the AIMSS system to initiate a diagnostic test, receive the result, and automatically navigate to the appropriate troubleshooting information. To further assist you with problem resolution, the tool set can directly link to job aids and computer-based training, allowing you to practice difficult tasks before performing them on your systems.

Raytheon's AIMSS software is being used to produce Class 4 IETMs for several Department of Defense programs, including SURTASS, Sentinel, Ship Self Defense System (SSDS), AEGIS, Battle Force Tactical Trainer (BFTT), Fox, and Paladin.


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