Raytheon’s Combat Proven AESA

Changing the battlefield with revolutionary capabilities

Raytheon’s active electronically scanned array radar systems, with game-changing performance and tactical advantages, are the cornerstone of current and future aircraft. Providing incomparable detection, targeting, tracking, and self-protection capabilities, our AESA systems are yet another hallmark in our evolving development of innovative radars in support of the warfighter. The Raytheon AESA radar family may be tailored to fit any platform’s size, space and requirements.

AESA Radars

Only Raytheon’s advanced AESA radars give pilots the edge in today’s challenging scenarios. And it further enables their ability to operate in the increasingly complex battlespace. Whatever the task—defense, surveillance, or strike—warfighters rely on Raytheon’s AESA technology for optimal mission assurance.



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