SAS ADAS Masthead

Raytheon’s Advanced Distributed Aperture System provides full spherical situational awareness to helicopter crews, greatly improving mission effectiveness and flight safety at low altitude or in poor visibility.

Multiple high-resolution infrared sensors mounted around the helicopter let pilots “look through” the airframe for 360-degree situational awareness. Imagery sent to helmet mounted displays provides crew members with information customized to their specific roles. The wraparound effect is completed by a 3D audio system that issues threat alerts and crew communications from the direction of their source.

ADAS allows safer operation in unfavorable weather and mission environments by making key functions — such as night vision, hostile fire indication and IR search and track — interoperable with onboard countermeasures. It rapidly determines the intended target of inbound guided weapons and small arms fire, enabling effective crew response. A fully passive system, ADAS is also well suited to the demands of covert operations.

Delivering unprecedented operational capabilities, ADAS enables aircrews to achieve their objectives with the lowest possible risk. Future functions now being considered for integration with ADAS on manned or unmanned platforms include radar, laser warning, terrain and obstacle databases, and advanced targeting.


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