Using the ACU-T Tactical Intelligent Interconnect System, a radio gateway can be rapidly configured and deployed to meet almost any interoperability application involving radios and telephones.

Employing proven ACU technology, this lightweight, tactical system is suitable for LMR, P25, TETRA, HF radio, Nextel, telephones, trunking and SATCOM systems. The ACU-T offers the form factor, flexibility and features required for tactical, fixed or vehicular interconnect applications.

ACU-T Benefits/Features:

  • Provides six connections over three independent nets.
  • Small, rugged design suitable for tactical and rapid deployment applications
  • Sophisticated DSP alogorithms provide adaptive hybrid, VOX, VMR (voice modulation recognition), and noise reduction
  • Top cover display provides visual indication of current system interconnection status.
  • ACU controller software provides full system status and control from a PC, locally or remotely over an Ethernet network.


ACU-T Datasheet

Cable List

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ACU Technology - Interoperability for Healthcare Professionals

ACU Technology - Interoperability for Utility Operations

Case Studies

Preparing for Hurricane Season: A guide to planning.

Preparing for a Disaster: Interoperability Demonstration and Planning Event in Fairfax, VA

Rebuilding communications after an earthquake using ACU technology

Manuals & Spec Sheets


CPM-4 Manual Addendum

DSP-2 Manual Addendum

ACU-T Cheat Sheets

ACU Controller Manual

Software Downloads

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ACU Controller v.5.42
CPM-4 Module v.3.06
DSP-2 Module v.3.04


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