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The ACU-M is a feature-rich, simple-to-use device that can be networked and managed remotely. Weighing less than 3 pounds, the device is easily deployed and affordably priced, making it ideal for mission-critical interoperability.

The ACU-M provides interoperability between its four audio ports, two voice over internet protocol (VoIP) channels and a headset port. With its comprehensive suite of digital signal processing (DSP) functions, it offers high functionality at a price that fits any budget.

ACU-M Benefits/Features:

  • Interconnects 4 audio ports, 2 VoIP channels and a local operator
  • Can interconnect radios in any band including HF, VHF, UHF, P25, 800Mhz and Nextel iDEN phones
  • Simple, intuitive interface used for diagnostics, programming and feature control
  • Optional network connectivity that can be controlled via WAIS Controller Software
  • Compatible with existing ACU radio interface cables
  • Internal pre-configured radio template library for all supported devices
  • Can be installed in a vehicle, in a rack, or in a Pelican case
  • Powered by battery, vehicle +12 outlet, 120 VAC

Case Studies

ARES Calgary uses ACU-M for emergency response

Campus shooter exercise proves interoperability is a must

Preparing for Hurricane Season: A guide to planning.

Preparing for a Disaster: Interoperability Demonstration and Planning Event in Fairfax, VA

Rebuilding communications after an earthquake using ACU technology

24-hour Customer Support Hotline:

Our 24-hour customer support hotline is designed to offer customers an outstanding level of service. U.S. and Canadian customers can call (800) 498-3137 for immediate assistance with any technical problems, day or night. The 24-hour hotline includes a trained, professional staff of existing system and customer service engineers knowledgeable in our products and services.

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