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Precision Weapons

Precision Weapons

Mission: Precision Targeting

Avoiding casualties. Reducing risk. Minimizing collateral damage. In a new era of warfare, our precision weapons are meeting the mission—hitting the target and nothing else.

Raytheon’s systems incorporate satellite navigation, laser guidance, high-definition radars, advanced seekers and other technologies. They allow customers to carry out discriminating strikes on bona fide targets and defend against incoming attacks with unprecedented effectiveness.

When near misses aren’t acceptable, Raytheon is precisely on target.

Learn more about our technology.

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Precision Weapons in the news

Hand-fired precision [SOFEX16D2] (IHS Jane's 360)

Raytheon, Kongsberg team up for ship-launched Naval Strike Missile (Seapower)

Inside the factory where Raytheon's robots make kamikaze spacecraft (Popular Mechanics)

VIDEO: Navy to attack ISIS with new upgraded laser-guided Maverick missile (Scout)

The Navy's ship defense missile just got deadlier (Popular Mechanics)

Robot brains where and when you want ‘em (Breaking Defense)

VIDEO: Navy to deploy new anti-ship surface missile on a littoral combat ship (Scout)

Raytheon, DRS developing 3rd-generation FLIR system for troops (UPI)

VIDEO: F-35 begins Raytheon JSOW qualification flights (Flightglobal)

Raytheon develops weapon interface bridge (Shephard Media)

VIDEO: Cruiser USS San Jacinto fires SM-2 in exercise (USNI)

U.S. Navy is turning anti-aircraft and cruise missiles into ship killers (Fortune)

Pentagon budget plan aims to upgrade its global power projection (Military Times)

U.S. Navy begins operational testing of JSOW C-1 (IHS Jane's 360)

Marines high on 120 mm mortar after test (Stars and Stripes)

VIDEO: Marine Corps explodes new high-tech 120 mm mortar (Scout)

VIDEO: See Navy's newest sea-based weapon (CNN)

VIDEO: This precision weapon is the Navy's last line of defense (Business Insider)

Raytheon tests new seeker for Tomahawk cruise missiles (UPI)

Raytheon's improved ship-defense missile hits mark (Arizona Daily Star)

Navy finding offensive uses for defensive systems to support distributed lethality (USNI)

F-35's Joint Strike Missile completes flight test (Defense News)

Raytheon thinking big by developing tiny missiles (Arizona Daily Star)

SM-6 can now kill both cruise and ballistic missiles (Breaking Defense)

Raytheon ship missile hits ballistic target (Arizona Daily Star)

U.S. military tests new interceptor that can shoot down ballistic missiles and airplanes (Fox News)

Raytheon SM-6 intercepts ballistic missile target in key test (Reuters)

Guided missiles: Arizona's most high-tech company (The Arizona Republic)

News Releases

U.S. Navy uses Raytheon's SeaRAM to knock out complex targets in at-sea test

Jordan to acquire Raytheon's TOW missiles

India to acquire Raytheon Stinger missiles

U.S. Air Force awards Raytheon $4.8 million to continue work on EW payload for cruise missiles

New Raytheon software translates modern weapons for legacy aircraft

Raytheon to offer new long-range missile for U.S. Army fires requirement

Raytheon Standard Missile-6 successfully hits surface target

U.S. Army awards Raytheon $31.8 million contract for continued Excalibur production

JSOW C-1 gliding weapon scores direct hit in first operational test

Raytheon completes active seeker test for Tomahawk cruise missile

Raytheon awarded $143 million contract for Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2

Raytheon's SeaRAM hits target with newest missile variant in U.S. Navy live-fire test

Raytheon, Abu Dhabi Ship Building celebrate first decade of partnership

Missile Defense Agency, Raytheon demonstrate SM-6's new anti-ballistic missile defense capability

Raytheon, partners develop low-cost, high-tech airframe for U.S. Air Force decoy

U.S. Navy uses SM-6 to intercept medium-range supersonic target from 'over-the-horizon'

U.S. Army fires TALON Laser Guided Rockets from Apache helicopters

Small Diameter Bomb II program awarded $31 million

Raytheon completes lab testing on AMRAAM-ER, NASAMS integration

U.S. Navy achieves initial operating capability on Rolling Airframe Missile Block 2


Feature Stories

'Top Gun' today - Three decades after the movie, our experts weigh in on what's changed

Strength at sea - Raytheon's Rolling Airframe Missile protects ships from high-speed threats

Maritime security in the Middle East - At DIMDEX, Raytheon offers protection from sea to shore to sky

One missile, many missions - Standard Missile-6, built for anti-air warfare, sinks target ship in test

Right on target - Precision-guided projectiles hit the mark on effectiveness

Raytheon expands its presence in Poland - Partnership with Polish company will boost a key ally’s land forces

Freedom of the seas - Distributed lethality arms U.S. Navy with offensive capability

The soldier with 100 eyes - Raytheon technology will deliver unimagined abilities on the battlefield

A global partnership - Raytheon and Abu Dhabi Ship Building enter 10th year of naval defense work

In the air and on the ground - Raytheon’s new extended-range missile will enhance proven air defense system

A milestone for a missile - Multi-mission SM-6 destroys ballistic target for the first time

Guided, gliding and ready to fly - Small Diameter Bomb II heads to production after rigorous testing

Six reasons why all eyes are on Standard Missile-6

Smaller and smarter - Breakthroughs point way to miniaturized weapons that never miss

An artful dodger - Evasive, Sea-Skimming Missile Gives Navies an Edge

Raytheon completes $9.2 million Space Factory expansion

Same punch, longer reach - Raytheon adds range to meet demands of expanding battlefield

Tomahawk hits moving target at sea - Plane guides missile to impact in dramatic test

TALONS for a Tiger - Laser rockets for "tiger" vehicle latest in string of international partnerships

SeaRAM stands guard - With precision and power, missile launcher protects U.S. ships

Control from the cockpit - Two former fighter pilots explain the meaning of air dominance

Bulletproof electronics put the punch in guided artillery shell

Photo Gallery

Precision Photo GalleryLaunch Gallery


Tomahawk synthetic guidance flight test Launch Video

Tomahawk synthetic guidance flight test (Video: U.S. Navy)

We call it Excalibur. Our customers call it true precision Launch Video

We call it Excalibur. Our customers call it true precision

Tomahawk missile flight testing Launch Video

Tomahawk missile flight testing

Raytheon's five most powerful missiles Launch Video

Raytheon's five most powerful missiles

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