Lurking deep beneath the vast cover of the world's oceans, threats like mines, submarines and unmanned undersea vehicles are proliferating. These hazards hinder the security of nations, their militaries and vital trade routes.

While enemy militiaries are often the source of these threats, terrorists are also capable of executing highly disruptive attacks that can impact critical assets.

Raytheon delivers a portfolio of integrated undersea warfare solutions – including anti-submarine and mine warfare – that helps the U.S. and allied naval fleets detect, deter, and defend against a variety of threats.

Undersea Sensors

AN/AQS-22 Airborne

AN/AQS-22 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar
The Airborne Low Frequency Sonar is the only in-service dipping sonar with multi-frequency operation and a rapid search rate for quicker threat detection.

AN/AQS-20A Minehunting Sonar

AN/AQS-20A Minehunting Sonar
The AN/AQS-20A Minehunting Sonar supports mine-clearing operations in both deep-ocean and littoral waters, minimizing human involvement in hazardous minefields.

AN/ASQ-235 Airborne Mine Neutralization

AN/ASQ-235 Airborne Mine Neutralization System
The Airborne Mine Neutralization System defuses moored and bottom mines while operating from sea- and land-based MH-60S helicopters, making mine clearance safer.


MK54 Lightweight Torpedo

MK54 Lightweight Torpedo
The MK54 lightweight torpedo is a next generation anti-submarine warfare weapon that can be deployed from a surface ship, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft to track, classify, and attack underwater targets.

MK48 Heavyweight Torpedo

MK 48 Heavyweight Torpedo
The MK 48 is a heavyweight torpedo designed for optimum effectiveness against all targets in both littoral and deep-water environments.

Integrated Undersea Warfare Infographic

Airborne Low Frequency Sonar infographic

Integrated Undersea Warfare Video

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