Raytheon is a trusted source for undersea warfare solutions, helping U.S. and allied naval fleets to detect, deter, and defend against a broad spectrum of threats. Raytheon offers the most advanced, integrated undersea warfare capabilities to support submarine combat, airborne anti-submarine warfare, and organic mine countermeasure missions.

AN/AQS-22 AirborneAN/AQS-22 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS)
Raytheon provides the U.S. Navy with ‘game changing’ anti-submarine warfare (ASW) capability with ALFS, Airborne Low Frequency Sonar.  ALFS is the only in-service dipping sonar with multi-frequency operation to adapt to varying environmental conditions, and a rapid search rate for identifying threats sooner over a large search area. It has been rigorously deployed and tested, proving its value as the centerpiece of the Navy’s ASW mission.


AN/AQS-20A Minehunting SonarAN/AQS-20A Minehunting Sonar
Raytheon’s AQS-20A minehunting sonar supports mine-clearing operations in both deep-ocean and littoral waters, minimizing human involvement in hazardous minefields. AQS-20A delivers more than four times the area search rate of predecessor systems and is the only system in service with proven single pass detection of volume and bottom mines. Currently in production with assets in-service, AQS-20A delivers U.S. and allied navies a safe, effective and efficient organic mine countermeasure capability.


AN/ASQ-235 Airborne Mine NeutralizationAN/ASQ-235 Airborne Mine Neutralization System (AMNS)
Seaborne mines continue to menace naval and maritime forces worldwide. Mines are used to attack ships approximately 200 times more than any other weapon. Raytheon’s Airborne Mine Neutralization System (AMNS), the U.S. Navy’s standard for organic airborne mine clearance, has been designed to counter this threat.

AMNS neutralizes moored and bottom mines while operating from sea- and land-based MH-60S helicopters. By using helicopters as a central platform, mine clearance has become safer.

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