Raytheon’s torpedo history spans more than 40 years of design, development, production, test and in-water proving experience. Raytheon is the only company in the world to deliver more than 30,000 torpedoes worldwide to more than 25 countries.

MK54 Lightweight TorpedoMK54 Lightweight Torpedo
Co-developed and manufactured by Raytheon and the U.S. Navy, the MK54 is the next generation anti-submarine warfare weapon deployed from a surface ship, helicopter or fixed wing aircraft to track, classify, and attack underwater targets. The MK54 is designed for both deep water and littoral environments, making it the only lightweight torpedo capable of striking any target in the world’s oceans, regardless of water depth. 


MK54 Heavyweightt TorpedoMK 48 Heavyweight Torpedo
The MK 48 Mod 6 Advanced Technology (AT) is a heavyweight torpedo designed for optimum effectiveness against all targets, in both littoral and deep-water environments. With guaranteed supportability through 2025, it is a cost-effective, up-to-date configuration of the MK 48 family designed to handle emerging threats.

Built on proven and reliable MK 48 components, the MK 48 Mod 6AT offers an effective torpedo at low total ownership cost, providing the optimal balance for today’s submarine force.


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