Raytheon is a premier ship systems integrator, delivering proven, affordable and highly-automated solutions for navies worldwide.  With extensive experience producing and integrating a full range of naval systems — including radar, networks, combat management, fire control and weapons — we deliver comprehensive systems integration that joint forces require to defend against threats today and tomorrow.  By leveraging the technology advancements achieved as the mission systems integrator on DDG 1000, LPD 17, CVN, and Australia’s Air Warfare Destroyer programs, Raytheon supports the application of common technologies and processes across multiple platforms for navies around the globe.

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Integrated Ship Systems BrochureIntegrated Ship Systems BrochureIntegrated Ship Systems Brochure



DDG 1000/Total Ship Mission SystemsDDG 1000/Total Ship Mission Systems
Raytheon serves as the prime mission systems equipment integrator for all electronic and combat systems for the U.S. Navy’s next generation destroyer (DDG 1000) program. Working with the Navy and a team of industry leaders, Raytheon is leading the effort to transform the Navy's ship requirements to reality.


LPD 17 San Antonio-class Expeditionary Warfare ShipsLPD 17 San Antonio-class Expeditionary Warfare Ships
Raytheon is the total ship electronics systems integrator for the LPD 17 program and the prime contractor for life-cycle engineering and support. The company provides the Shipboard Wide Area Network, integrated product data environment, total ship information management, and integrated ship electronics architecture for the LPD 17 class.


Ship Self Defense System (SSDS)Ship Self Defense System (SSDS)
SSDS is an open, distributed combat management system for aircraft carriers and expeditionary warfare ships. It is designed to expedite the detect-to-engage sequence to defend against anti-ship cruise missiles. SSDS links and automates standalone sensors and weapon systems to provide the required combat reaction. Six different U.S. Navy ship classes use SSDS MK 2, including San Antonio (LPD 17), Nimitz (CVN 68), and Wasp (LHD 1), with Tarawa (LHA 6) in test and Whidby Island/Harpers Ferry (LSD 41/49) and Ford (CVN 78) in development.

Raytheon is also the SSDS Platform Systems Engineering Agent, managing the integration of capability upgrades into various aircraft carrier and amphibious ship combat systems, while providing continued support for fielded systems. Under the PSEA contract, Raytheon will integrate the Dual Band Radar onboard CVN 78.


GPNTSGPS-based Positioning, Navigation and Timing System (GPNTS)
GPNTS, designed to replace the current Navigation Sensor System Interface on U.S. Navy surface and subsurface platforms, supports mission-critical real-time positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) data services, including weapons, combat systems, and other command, control, communications and intelligence systems that require PNT information.

Raytheon is providing an open architecture solution that allows hosting of data in a common computing environment and true “system of systems” architecture, enhancing the ship’s operability with onboard systems.

NATO Seasparrow LaunchersNATO SEASPARROW Launchers
Raytheon’s MK 56 Guided Missile Vertical Launching System delivers — from limited shipboard space — an effective local area, hemispherical defense umbrella for own¬ ship and ships being escorted against aggressive airborne and surface threats. The launching system fires the RIM-162 Evolved SEASPARROW Missile (ESSM), which has proven itself against a broad spectrum of threats in all weather and electronic warfare conditions.

As the solutions provider and mission systems integrator for MK29 and MK73 NATO SEASPARROW Missile Systems, Raytheon provides the hardware and processing required for launch and control of the U.S. Navy’s SEASPARROW and ESSM self-defense missiles.


Maritime NavigationMaritime Navigation
Raytheon Anschütz has an excellent reputation worldwide as a reliable provider of Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS) and nautical equipment for the shipping and shipbuilding market. As a trusted partner, Raytheon Anschütz is focused on customer needs and requirements, guiding customers through the full lifecycle, from project outline and specification of systems through project realization over setting to work to extended after sales service.

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