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Missile Defense

Missile Defense

Mission: Global Defense

Protecting our homeland. Defending our allies. Safeguarding trade. Our air and missile defense systems have one mission: providing peace of mind.

Raytheon's proven interceptors, radars and space sensors work together to provide protection against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, aircraft and other threats.

Our famous Patriot is the system of choice of 12 countries. Our Standard Missile-3 and Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle defeat warheads while they’re still in space. Our JLENS aerostats provide regional defense from 10,000 feet for 30 days at a time. And our long-range radars keep watch around the clock, from windswept stations in Alaska to ships in the Persian Gulf.

It’s a big sky up there, but we’ve got it covered. That’s our mission.

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News Releases

SM-3, SM-2s take on ballistic, cruise missile targets during simulated missile 'raid' attack exercise

US Army awards Raytheon $235.5 million contract for Patriot

SM-6 successfully intercepts supersonic target

SM-6 destroys longest range cruise missile target to date

U.S. Army places blimp-borne radar in strategic readiness

Raytheon kill vehicle destroys complex, long-range ballistic missile target in space

Norway goes four-for-four with Raytheon's NASAMS

Aegis Ashore launches Standard Missile-3 for first time

US Navy deploys Standard Missile-3 Block IB for first time

U.S. gains additional protection against ballistic missiles

Missile Defense in the News

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Critical flight-test success buoys Raytheon missile killer (AZ Starnet)

Why Raytheon Dumped a Decades-Old Way to Make Missiles (CNET)

US to send 2 more ships to Japan by 2017 to counter North Korea nuclear threat (FOX News)

Raytheon Eyes Early SM-3 IIA Builds (Aviation Week)

Europe's missile shield grows – thanks to the US Navy (NATO)

Protecting the U.S. East Coast from Iran’s Emerging Nuclear and Missile Threats (FPI)

Missile Defense Resources

Defense Dossier – Feb. 2014 (American Foreign Policy Council)

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Ballistic and Cruise Missile Threat (National Air and Space Intelligence Center)

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