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Missile Defense

Missile Defense

Mission: Global Defense

Protecting our homeland. Defending our allies. Safeguarding trade. Our air and missile defense systems have one mission: providing peace of mind.

Raytheon's proven interceptors, radars and space sensors work together to provide protection against ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, aircraft and other threats.

Thirteen countries rely on Global Patriot Solutions for air and missile defense. Our Standard Missile-3 and Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle defeat warheads while they’re still in space. Our JLENS aerostats provide regional defense from 10,000 feet for 30 days at a time. And our long-range radars keep watch around the clock, from windswept stations in Alaska to ships in the Persian Gulf.

It’s a big sky up there, but we’ve got it covered. That’s our mission.

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News Releases

Standard Missile-3 flight test validates engineering upgrade

U.S. Navy awards Raytheon $270 million contract for Standard Missile-6 production

SM-6 shatters engagement distance record

Raytheon Standard Missile-6 successfully hits surface target

Future drones, planes, missiles no match for new Raytheon radar

Raytheon kill vehicle succeeds in developmental flight test

Land-based SM-3 demonstrates first ballistic missile intercept supported by AN/TPY-2 radar

Raytheon receives $543 million for SM-3 Block IIA production and delivery

U.S. succeeds in next flight test of advanced missile defense interceptor

Raytheon takes next step toward defining Multi-Object Kill Vehicle concept

Latest Patriot takes out two ballistic missiles during first flight test

U.S. Army invests in Patriot radar modernization upgrades

Missile Defense Agency awards Raytheon study contract for Multi-Object Kill Vehicle concept

Missile Defense Agency, Raytheon demonstrate SM-6's new anti-ballistic missile defense capability

U.S. Navy uses SM-6 to intercept medium-range supersonic target from 'over-the-horizon'

Raytheon completes milestones on path to production-ready GaN-based AESA Patriot

U.S. begins flight testing advanced missile defense interceptor

Missile Defense in the News

VIDEO: The Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency will test-fire its new larger SM-3IIA interceptor missile in space (Scout)

Upgrade to SM-3 missile engines validated (UPI)

Aegis BMD site in Romania set for operational certification (Seapower)

Inside the factory where Raytheon's robots make kamikaze spacecraft (Popular Mechanics)

U.S. Navy is turning anti-aircraft and cruise missiles into ship killers (Fortune)

Pentagon chief unveils plan to buy more ships, aircraft and munitions (The Hill)

Raytheon, MDA test new thruster for EKV missile (UPI)

U.S. says redesigned missile defense interceptor aces test (Reuters)

U.S. weighs making Hawaii missile test site operational - sources (Reuters)

U.S. missile shield to undergo tests (Examiner)

Navy weapon destroys anti-ship cruise missiles from beyond-the-horizon (Scout)

The time is now (Missile Defence Advocacy Alliance)

A year into distributed lethality, Navy nears fielding improved weapons, deploying surface action group (USNI)

Pentagon develops new missile defense interceptor able to destroy multiple threats (Scout)

Navy developing software to give Standard Missile-6 additional mission capabilities (USNI News)

VIDEO: Navy leads 9-nation ballistic missile defense test (Scout)

U.S. Navy, allies intercept targets in European missile test (Reuters)

Raytheon to work on multi-warhead interceptor (Arizona Daily Star)

U.S. military tests new interceptor that can shoot down ballistic missiles and airplanes (Fox News)

Guided missiles: Arizona's most high-tech company (The Arizona Republic)

House mark on redesigned Kill Vehicle has MDA concerned (Space News)

Raytheon SM-3 makes landfall in Europe (Aviation Week)

U.S., Japan say first test of Raytheon's new SM-3 missile a success (Reuters)

Feature Stories

Maritime security in the Middle East - At DIMDEX, Raytheon offers protection from sea to shore to sky

One missile, many missions - Standard Missile-6, built for anti-air warfare, sinks target ship in test

Raytheon expands its presence in Poland - Partnership with Polish company will boost a key ally’s land forces

Stronger than ever - For the Patriot Air and Missile Defense System, the best is yet to come

Freedom of the seas - Distributed lethality arms U.S. Navy with offensive capability

From land or by sea - Tests demonstrate the many capabilities of Raytheon's SM-3 interceptor

SM-3 interceptor tested off European coast for first time - Raytheon Standard Missile-3 destroys ballistic target in multinational exercise

Homeland protection - Missile defence systems poised to bring safety to allies

A milestone for a missile - Multi-mission SM-6 destroys ballistic target for the first time

Missile defense expands globally - Patriot contracts, Standard Missile-3 deployments keep skies covered

Six reasons why all eyes are on the SM-6 missile

Raytheon completes $9.2 million Space Factory expansion

Bigger & better: The evolution of a ballistic missile killer

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