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Raytheon's Approach to Cyberspace

The benefits of the digital era come with a steep price. Cyber attacks and cyber crime have quadrupled in recent years, and estimates of the losses exceed $1 trillion.

To best combat cyber threats in this rapidly changing environment, governments and industries are switching their primary goal from prevention to resiliency. Trying to stop all forms of cyber attack is no longer considered realistic. Instead, organizations now seek ways to withstand attacks while continuing to operate effectively.

Raytheon has emerged as the industry leader in developing resiliency, and we offer that expertise and experience to help other organizations in government and industry do the same.


Analysts in every industry - from defense and law enforcement to financial and commercial services - are struggling to make sense of the enormous amounts of data at their disposal. Raytheon's analytics systems can take unstructured information, video and images from almost any source and turn them into relevant insights.

Addressing Advanced Persistent Threats

Considering all elements of the cyber threat is essential to sound decisions in an era when most large organizations are under constant cyber attack. Able to evade perimeter safeguards, today’s cyber attackers are advanced enough to jeopardize crucial systems and threaten critical infrastructure.

To deal effectively with the inevitability of attack, Raytheon marshals the most effective, innovative technologies available to address system and software vulnerabilities, defeat malware, and repel socially engineered attacks. Likewise, we have a deployable team of security experts that uses penetration testing and gap analysis to assess customers’ enterprise defenses and provide incident response when a security breach occurs.

Raytheon’s services to combat the persistent threat include malware detection and mitigation, anomaly detection, cyber threat analysis, on-site Computer Emergency Response Team and Security Operations Center support, and memory forensic software (Second Look®).

Information Assurance

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Customers have to keep data secure wherever it travels, even in a short journey from computer to printer. Our proven multi-domain and cross domain information-sharing solutions ensure that data maintains its designated sensitivity level through transmission and review. The result is a high-speed, efficient, cost-effective sharing process for even the most challenging data environments.

Raytheon’s information assurance solutions and products include:

Cyber Training and Exercises

Raytheon’s proven training programs and best practices span the cyber operations spectrum. We combine cyber operations training with hybrid mission planning to gain the most favorable operational results. We produce customizable and scalable training solutions and exercises while offering instructor-led training, mobile classroom training, instructor-facilitated or self-paced web-based modules, and secure on-demand video platforms.

Data Encryption

A pioneer in technology for secure data, voice and other electronic communication, Raytheon is the leading developer and manufacturer of NSA-certified, high-reliability cryptographic microcircuits, ground units, and flight units for space communication. Our communications security devices include KIV-7 family of network link encryptors, advanced ASICs and cryptographic/acceleration equipment used in sensitive electronic messaging. Raytheon data encryption systems have achieved certification to the stringent CMMI Level 5 standard. Our quality systems have certification to the ISO 9001 international standard.

Explore Raytheon encryption solutions for:

Mobile Security

Every organization has data that is considered mission critical or proprietary and certain employees require access to that data to perform their jobs. Mobile devices – smartphones and tablets – have quickly evolved from ‘nice to have’ to critical communications technology. For IT departments, the reality of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is causing extra anxiety due to the risks that can be introduced by allowing personal devices on private networks. To protect your most sensitive data from mobile devices, Raytheon’s customers implement Trusted Access: Mobile.