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Introduction to C5ISR

What is C5ISR?

C5ISR stands for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Cyber, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance. It reflects a belief that collecting, analyzing and distributing information in real-time are the keys to any mission, whether it's commanding soldiers, directing air traffic or safeguarding vast coastlines.

Integrated Systems

Raytheon specializes in linking different systems so that they operate as a coordinated whole. Our integrated systems include:

Air-to-Surface Missiles

Zumwalt-Class Destroyer

Command and Control (C2)

C2 networks support the flow of information, from planning to directing operations:

Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS)


Analysts in every industry — from defense and law enforcement to financial and commercial services — are struggling to make sense of the enormous amounts of data at their disposal. Raytheon's analytics systems can take unstructured information, video and images from almost any source and turn them into relevant insights.



Raytheon's protected communications are aimed at serving the nimbler, tightly focused operations of today's changing military:


Public Safety

From firefighters and police officers to paramedics and state troopers, Raytheon takes innovation from the battlefield and places it in the hands of first responders:

Weather Information

Weather Information

Raytheon is a world leader in weather forecasting, building everything from satellite sensors to the computer systems that meteorologists use to analyze data.

Air Traffic Solutions

Raytheon equipment manages air traffic for 60 percent of the world's airspace:

D-Rapcon: Control System in a Box


Raytheon specializes in linking different systems so that they operate as a coordinated whole. Our integrated systems include:



Raytheon has been a leader in radar since World War II, when it developed a magnetron, or radio wave generator, for allied air defenses. Today's products include:

Air and Missile Defense Radars


Tactical Fighter Radars

Airborne Surveillance

Air Traffic Control Radars

Maritime Surveillance

Electro-Optical/Infrared Sensors

Raytheon's EO/IR sensors draw upon the entire electromagnetic spectrum to make the invisible visible:

ATFLIR Infrared Pod

Space-Based Sensors

Raytheon's space probes are designed to work faithfully for years in the extreme conditions of deep space or on other planets:

Glory Aerosol Polarimetry Sensor (APS)

Missile Warning

Radio Frequency (RF) Sensors

The company's radio sensors are core components on everything from fighter jets to intelligence-gathering gear:

Radar Warning Receivers


Raytheon delivers a portfolio of integrated undersea warfare solutions - including anti-submarine and mine warfare - that helps naval fleets detect and defend against a variety of threats:

 Airborne Low Frequency Sonar (ALFS)

Sonar Systems

Acoustic Sensors

Raytheon protects troops with wearable, vehicle-mounted and stationary sensors that detect sounds and instantly separate them from background noise: