Raytheon’s Tactical Communication Systems keep soldiers connected and provide the tactical intelligence needed to execute their missions, no matter their environment

TCS products are in use today throughout the world, helping accomplish a variety of missions:  Fighter pilots can determine the location of friendly positions before engaging in a ground attack.  Tomahawk cruise missiles receive mid-course guidance to adjust to moving targets.  Soldiers receive real-time updates about the enemy to aid in tactical decisions.

Tactical communication is essential in-theater, where soldiers are on the move and rely on wireless communication to make real-time decisions.

 MAINGATE YouTube Video Image
MAINGATE provides seamless radio
communications at the brigade level


Interoperable communication allows U.S. armed forces to link with control centers back at base, regardless of their radio system.  Raytheon’s Tactical Communication Systems (TCS) product line provides robust and reliable products that allow soldiers to maintain a tactical edge while staying safe through a protected, networked communication architecture.

Building on years of experience, Raytheon has developed the MAINGATE product family to provide high-bandwidth communications to tactical vehicles and soldiers.  The system streams live video and other high-data-rate applications straight to the battlefield.

Raytheon is also working on product families featuring the next generation of capabilities.  With more than 40 years of experience deploying communications in-theater, our company understands the requirements of users and incorporates them into future designs.